Repair Timeline and “Your Best Service Experience” [8 steps]

Timeline Table of Contents

“Your Best Service Experience!”

Repair call and schedule

Initial Contact: First Call, Follow up, and Scheduling

You will reach out to Swede’s via a phone call, text message, email, or the online scheduler. Please be specific regarding the issue and machine involved. Prepare your Model Number and Serial Number for use in triage.

We will respond to your contact as soon as we are available. During this follow up, We will evaluate your complaint, asking basic diagnostic questions to get to the root of the problem. Swede’s would rather save your time and money addressing simply solved problems over the phone instead of charging a service call. Part of having your Best Service Experience involves an accurate description of your issue so likely parts can be provided just for you!

You are already in a bad situation as your appliance has failed you and downtime is causing stress and frustration. Swede’s will put you into the first available time slot on the schedule that works with your availability. Your time slot will coordinate with parts availability if parts are required based on your complaint. Non-functioning refrigeration will be given top priority whenever possible. Knowing how stressful a broken appliance can be, every effort will be made to expedite your service call.

Reminder, confirmation

Day of Service: Reminders, Confirmations, ETA’S

Our online scheduler allows us the ability to send you automatic text and email appointment reminders the day before service. Swede’s standard procedure is to call ahead on the way to your property with an eta and address confirmation. We will ask you for your preferred method of contact to best serve you

Entry, front door

Arrival: Parking, Safety, Entry

The Swede’s truck will park in as safe and out of the way manner as possible. Letting Swede’s know any awkward parking situations ahead of time will streamline any issue getting access to the property. Before entry to your home we will don protective booties to protect your flooring.

If you or anyone you have had contact with has Covid-like symptoms or has been diagnosed with Covid 19 please contact Swede’s as soon as possible to discuss how you would like to proceed if this is an issue for you. Upon request we will use a face mask for mutual protection during the Covid 19 threat as well as sanitizing hands and work areas before and after service is completed.

Diagnostics for appliance repair


At the point of service a pad will be laid for the tool box. We will begin diagnostics on the machine, usually by entering a service mode or running tests with the electronic controls. Depending on the issue we may disassemble the machine to get at the source of the trouble.

Swede’s operates on the understanding that finding the root cause will save you money and provide a more confident solution than more common parts changing methods. Parts changing seeks to provide an extremely fast diagnostic appointment allowing many service calls in a day, followed by changing two, three, four or more parts to cover any bases that were missed in diagnostics.

estimate repair


Once the issue has been identified, a solution will be determined. Some solutions will require maintenance: cleaning, adjusting, or calibrating. These estimates will be presented as a labor charge using an hourly rate. Some issues will require a replacement part. These estimates will be presented as a labor charge, part cost, and tax required to complete the job. If you are still under your manufacturer warranty, the solution will be presented with no cost but with an explanation of what is required to complete the repair.

Repair: Parts, Service, Disposal

Swede’s uses only authorized factory replacement parts from 4 reputable distributors. This is a key to your Best Service Experience Possible. Using a factory part enables us to provide you with an effective part warranty, labor guarantee, and confidence. These guarantees are designed to protect you from premature part failures.

The repairs, service, and maintenance performed is done with care and factory approved technique and methods. Your surfaces will be protected by tool mats. When machines need to be moved for access, your flooring will be protected with special equipment. Swede’s is equipped to move large appliances away from cabinets or out of closets.

Access to a breaker-box and water supply shut-offs are required for many repairs. Be prepared to provide access to these shut-offs for a safer repair. After repairs are complete, appliances will undergo water testing, and function testing to ensure a proper repair.

Used parts and supplies will be gathered and removed. The work area will be cleaned and appliances placed to your satisfaction. Swede’s commitment to the environment entails proper recycling and responsible disposal of waste product.

black payment terminal


After repairs are complete and your appliance is back in service We will conclude business with you by presenting you with a complete invoice. Swede’s can receive payment through all major credit cards, Apple pay, Google pay, and cash. You will be provided with a digital receipt upon request.

If a hard copy is required Swede’s can mail you a copy of your invoice to an address of your choice. Please be prepared to pay at the time service is completed. Billing is an awkward process and interferes with any guarantee or warranty that can be provided. You will only be charged for what has been accomplished. If a return trip is required to complete the repair you will only be charged the Service Call Charge.

Successful repair

Successful Repair:

Your downtime is over, you have a restored appliance. You are now protected by a part warranty, a 30 day service call guarantee, and a 30 day labor guarantee. If there is any additional issue, remember that you are protected and only a call away from Swede’s. You have invested in repairing your appliance and Swede’s is invested in providing Your Best Service Experience. Keep us accountable and make sure any question is answered. Swede’s genuinely wants your satisfaction, please register feedback to let others know about Your Best Service Experience.

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